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Barbie Chrome Theme
Battlefield Hardline Chrome Theme
Black Bird Chrome Theme
Battlefield Hardline
Black Bird
Blue JellyFish Chrome Theme
Butterflies Chrome Theme
Carnation Flower Chrome Theme
Blue JellyFish
Carnation Flower
Milk & Cookies Chrome Theme
Far Cry 4: Wild Edition Chrome Theme
Gizmo Chrome Theme
Milk & Cookies
Far Cry 4: Wild Edition
Halo 5 Chrome Theme
Homer Simpson Chrome Theme
Legendary Harley Davidson Chrome Theme
Halo 5
Homer Simpson
Legendary Harley Davidson
Midnight Haker Chrome Theme
Night Owl Chrome Theme
Pink Lotus Chrome Theme
Midnight Haker
Night Owl
Pink Lotus
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Should you have any cool ideas for more free google themes, just e-mail me with your theme suggestions or ideas and maybe I can try to come up with something amazing with your help, I will also feature our theme creation right here on Please remember to see my updated contact page for more information about making the best themes for chrome.

Finding the just the right theme for google chrome can be quite a challenge especially with so many google themes to choose from, but with you know that you always get the best and latest chrome theme designs in so many categories and all completely free to download instantly and enjoy on your personal computer or desktop device.  Theme categories are updated frequently to keep up with the latest trending styles and themes for your google chrome browser... Our top google chrome themes make it so simple and fun for you to transform your existing google chrome browser into a stunning work of art that matches your personal style, preference and personality. Our themes are optimized to work with your modern lcd or led monitors and screens.

New chrome themes for google are added often, many of our  themes are updated regularly too so... please do think about following me on google-plus, facebook or twitter for the latest updates and new free google chrome theme releases and updates... It takes some time to build really awesome google chrome themes, which is consistently noticeable in many of our theme designs... I have quite a few google themes for you to browse through right now and I always keep adding to, I do receive an awful lot of requests that makes it really hard to keep up sometimes, so if your idea is good enough, I shall take the time to create an amazing chrome theme that you and everybody else can enjoy.

If you are like me and change your chrome theme at least six times a week then, you will find some real good themes for chrome right here... Be sure to come back often for the coolest google themes around and please do continue showing your support by downloading, donating or sending in your feedback about your favorite google chrome themes. If you would like to signup as a beta theme tester you can signup and help us test the latest chrome theme downloads, please read more about it here...

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See All My Google Chrome Themes See All My Google Chrome Themes
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Download Free Google Chrome Themes
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Concrete Google Chrome Theme
Dark Blue Water Google Chrome Theme
Earth 2.0 Google Chrome Theme
Dark Blue Water
Earth 2.0
Countryside Google Chrome Theme
Dark Kitten Google Chrome Theme
Earth 4K Google Chrome Theme
Creek Cabin Google Chrome Theme
Dark Wood Google Chrome Theme
Earth From Space Google Chrome Theme
Dark Kitten
Earth 4K
Crossbone Skull Google Chrome Theme
Dawn Mountain Google Chrome Theme
Ferrari Enzo Google Chrome Theme
Creek Cabin
Dark Wood
Earth From Space
Crossbone Skull
Dawn Mountain
Ferrari Enzo
Dandelion Valley Google Chrome Theme
Dusky Waves Google Chrome Theme
Fairy Kitten Google Chrome Theme
Dandelion Valley
Dusky Waves
Fairy Kitten
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