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If you have any cool ideas for more google chrome themes, just e-mail me with your suggestions or ideas
and maybe I can try to come up with something for you, I will also feature it right here on Please see my contact page for more information about this...

New themes for google chrome are added often, many of my themes are updated often too so... please do
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releases... It takes some time to build a really awesome chrome theme... I have quite a few for you to
browse through right now and I always keep adding to the list, I do recieve so many requests that it's really
hard to keep everyone happy all the time, so if your idea is good, I shall take the time to create a theme
for you and everyone else to enjoy.

If you are like me and change your theme atleast once a week then, you will find some real gems here...
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Holi Splash Chrome Theme

See almost every chrome theme that I have ever made, please note that only a few of these are really old and
have not been updated in some time... I will eventually update all my themes... However what you will realize
is that the more I made the better I got at it...obviously, there was "THE THING" that happened... and so... I
choose not to talk about that, but if you really want you can read more about me on my contact me, page...

Anyways... A good chrome theme does take some time to make, and then there are sometimes sizing or color
issues that also factor in, All my themes are sized 1920 x 1080 pixels, that translates into a full 1080p HD
display on most small, medium or even larger laptop and PC screens...  If you have a super large screen please
contact me directly via e-mail and I will set up a 4k Ultra HD download for you in the chrome store... The
reason I can do this is because I design all my backgrounds and elements at Ultra 4K then compress and
optimize the theme down to 1080 x 1920 px to be used for the final theme... I find that this size works
beautifully for most people, but like I said if you have a super large screen and you want a more smooth and
crisp display, I can help you out too. Soon... I hope to make all themes downloadable in 4K and even larger
sizes. Thank you for your ongoing support!...

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Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 Chrome Theme
Blue Bytes Chrome Theme
Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Chrome Theme
Blue Bytes
Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare
Color Fusion Chrome Theme
Daisies Chrome Theme
Dark Paladin Chrome Theme
Color Fusion
Dark Paladin
God Of War Chrome Theme
Green Fairy Wings Chrome Theme
Holi Splash Chrome Theme
God Of War
Green Fairy Wings
Holi Splash
Lights Chrome Theme
Purple Graffiti Chrome Theme
Red Dead Redemption Chrome Theme
Star Wars Rogue One Chrome Theme
Purple Halftone Chrome Theme
White Hex Chrome Theme
Purple Graffiti
Red Dead Redemption
Star Wars Rogue One
Purple Halftone
White Hex
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